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LACHMISH HAFAKOT are proud to present SINGLISH, assorted programmes of fun game songs and stories individually suited to all school grades & English levels, from beginners through to 5 point Bagrut level and native English speakers.


SINGLISH is ideal for your schools English Day or as an "anyday" culturally- enriching and educational treat.

Produced by veteran singer-actress & English teacher, Leonie Lachmish, all our programmes are adapted for each of the educational sectors - mamlachti, mamad & hareidi.

Lyrics are supplied to teachers for preliminary or follow-up activities.



Each of our SINGLISH programmes is an educational, interactive ride through English-speaking culture. "SINGLISH" is individually suited to groups of all ages and levels with vocabulary enrichment and reinforcement in fun, catchy songs for elementary classes and a variety of styles for middle and upper school students, including humour / classic pop such as Beatles / soul / musicals and more .

We also offer the option of forming a special relevant programme in conjunction with you* - maybe related to a particular theme or topic currently underway in projects or other school work.


*For specialized programmes, be sure to book well in advance!


Leonie Lachmish, Lachmish Hafakot

050-6587705 ;08-8602322


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